Missouri Summer Weather Safety Week

2017 Missouri Summer Weather Safety Week: Excessive Heat and Lightning
June 18th – June 24

2017 Missouri Summer Weather Safety Week

The National Weather Service, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and the State Emergency Management Agency are joining together to promote Missouri Summer Weather Safety Week 2017: Excessive Heat and Lightning. The following is important safety information that can save people’s lives. Please help spread the word about excessive heat and lightning safety so everyone can have a safe summer.

Before heading to the park, lake, scenic river, ball game or to any outdoor activity be ready for unexpected or even hazardous weather conditions. Get the latest forecast before heading out. Monitor NOAA Weather Radio, local media, or favorite weather app. Pay attention to changing weather conditions (changing skies, winds, or temperatures).
Listen for thunder. Monitor stream levels. Be aware of the effects of excessive heat.

During the past 10 years heat has killed nearly 20 times more people than lightning in Missouri!

The National Weather Service has a trove of information on their website on how you can can stay safe this summer. Visit this link for safety tips, videos, and more.