Progress Continues on Buffalo Repeater

New Repeater Shack for the KRBK Polk, Missouri Repeater SiteGetting the Buffalo Repeater moved to its new home on the KRBK television tower in Polk, Missouri continues to be a very long yet steady process, but we’re getting close! As you may remember from previous updates, the biggest delay in this project has been the need for us to construct our own “repeater shack” because we are unable to mount our equipment inside of the existing building at the tower site.

Construction of the shack is almost complete (pictured left). Electrical wiring has been installed (pictured below). Once the finishing touches including paint and roofing material are in place, it will be time to move the structure to the tower site. As you can see in the photo to the left, the shack is already sitting on the utility trailer that will be used to transport it.

We thank everyone for their patience and understanding throughout this process. For those of you who donated toward this project, the fruits of your giving will be recognized soon.

More updates on the progress of this repeater are forthcoming. Stay tuned.

Interior of Repeater Shack for the KRBK Polk, Missouri Repeater Site