Ice Volcanoes

Skywarn Youth: Did You Know

“Ice Volcanoes”

by Caleb, KE0FOE

Ice volcanoes are a rare phenomenon that occurs along some of the shorelines of the Great Lakes. Ice volcanoes often range in size from around 3 feet to roughly the size of a house or sometimes even bigger. Ice volcanoes are a hollow cone of ice and snow that can appear to “erupt” with a mix of ice, water, and sleet as the water pressure from the lake waves builds up beneath it and the waves crash against the shore.

Ice volcanoes require a unique set of conditions including ground-level temperatures being slightly below freezing along with large lake waves measuring several feet high.

For more information about Ice Volcanoes, please check out this article from The Weather Channel.

Below are a couple of YouTube videos that show Ice Volcanoes in action: